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The culmination of more than two years of design and prototyping, The Rook Knife is the one we've always wanted and could never find – a thoroughly distilled construction that strips away the excess. Pocket knives have always possessed some familiar, gravitational power; from the time that we're old enough to understand their value as useful, beautiful, dangerous tools, they hold our imagination - beckoning to be picked up and used. The Rook Knife is a full-metal construction, slimmer than most folding knives, but with greater density and heft.

The Vapor Black version is stainless steel throughout, with a black PVD coating that's super-durable and matte textured. For those inclined towards the dark side, this one's for you.

The Tricolor version features a body that's half brass-half stainless, and a blade that's black PVD coated for a hint of tactical precision. A nod to the classic Craighill color/material palette, it's an unusual blend that works shockingly well. The brass side is left untreated and will develop a natural patina – the more you use it, the brighter it will stay. 

Blade Length: 2.3 inches / 5.8 centimetersClosed Length: 3.2 inches / 8.1 centimetersOpen Length: 5.5 inches / 13.9 centimeters2.2 oz / 62 gramsBlade Steel: 12C27Blade Type: Drop PointLock Type: Frame LockPlease note there is a 5 business day lead time for all engraving services

Craighill Rook Knife

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