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Local Artists

Jo Brizendine Bags

Meticulously handcrafted one of a kind bags by Richmond, Virginia local artist, Jo Brizendine.

These have to be seen in person to truly appreciate the artistry and intelligent design. Jo makes her own chenille trim beginning with old silk ties! These are useable, beautiful little works of art.

Austin Titus 

Austin Titus is a jewelry designer from Richmond, Virginia. She finds beautiful juxtaposition between the industrial elements of living in a historical city contrasted with the natural world around her. Rich, brushed gold and silver with stones selected for color, character and even imperfections. Influenced by old world textures and details yet always with a contemporary edge.


Agnes Preston-Brame

Born in Budapest, Hungary, She has numerous degrees in Fine Arts. She works entirely from memory, depending on remembrances of her observations and feelings. She continually searches for different ways to visually convey emotions, attitudes, and circumstances.

Inside Out by Irina

She grew up in Russia in the ’70s and ’80s during a time when the norm for shopping was visiting shoddy stores full of mostly empty racks or otherwise boring and unimaginative clothing. Those who wanted to wear something original and interesting took up the challenge of altering what we already had or could purchase new. 


Carol Meese Art


Carol Anna Meese has traveled, lived, studied and worked in Mexico, Italy, The West Indies, Nepal and Bangladesh. Her current body of work is progressing toward the abstract. Currently she is represented by Galleries in Virginia, Washington DC, and North Carolina.


ObscurO Jewelry by Jill and Jan Shropshire

 Since 2015 ObscurO Jewelry has been leading the jewelry revolution with adventurous and exclusive jewelry that soars beyond the average. They are seekers who travel the world to find the most fascinating natural objects, gemstones, rock formations and cultural symbols and transform them into one of a kind styles for you.


KBenner Designs

Katherine Benner is a textile artist who lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.  Katherine creates wearable art fashions and accessories using several techniques including hand-dyeing, ecoprinting and nuno-felting.

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Helena Magnusson Ogburn

Like midcentury abstract expressionists, Helena Magnusson Ogburn’s work is about process. Painting mostly with her hands, Ogburn thrives on the feeling of wet paint and how it moves across the canvas. This process of spontaneity requires total abandonment of rules, restrictions, fears, and ideas. Each painting gently unfolds into its own; the end result is simply what happens but is never the objective.


David G. Hyatt 

David Hyatt is an artist from the Ozark Mountains working primarily in pencil, watercolor, and wood. He is best known for his work reviving the nearly lost art of gourd banjo. More of his work can be found at 


Feral Blue Jewelry by Ashley Tamber

She is a traveling artist/metalsmith and occasional teacher based in Richmond, VA who specializes in storytelling through visual art and the written word. Her whole life she's needed to create in some form. She has a knack for fiercely observing. She helps her clients tell stories, whether it’s with metal and other visual art or with words. Her power lies in connecting dots, mixing intuition with hard work. 


Jennifer Holloway Bopst

One of our dear Glassboat employees, she has a knack for realism and human expression. Her oil paintings are a detailed and fascinating amalgamation of realism and surrealism.

Visit Jennifer's website for more information...


Karen Wright Jewelery

Her work is in sterling silver, gold, and natural gemstones. Using traditional fabrication techniques, careful consideration of scale, weight, and durability result in well balanced, unique pieces to be enjoyed for years. She produces one-of-a-kind pieces and develops unique lines including the woven rose series and coin series. Her jewelry has been featured at galleries and fine art shows throughout Virginia.


Luna Mar Creative by Kathy McIntire

A multifaceted creative and a jewelry maker from a young age, Kathy has cultivated quite an interesting creative career. Luna Mar pieces are meticulously handmade from stone, metals, pearls, shells, and other natural materials. The result is a stunning “beach chic” collection, timeless but modern, sometimes edgy, but always luxurious.


Amy's Accessories by Amy Mathieux

AMY'S ACCESSORIES, LLC is a woman owned business based in Richmond, VA and specializing in handcrafted jewelry sold in local stores and at arts/crafts festivals. Amy has a bohemian style and specializes in metalworks. 


Barrio59 by Cathy McPherson

Barrio59 is led by artist Cathy McPherson, a local artist from Richmond Virginia.

Beryl Robinson Designs

Beryl is a local artist from Richmond Virginia.

Boo Bug Jewelery

Angela grew up in the eclectic city of Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from Longwood college with a bachelor of science alongside her art scholarship. it is there that she

developed her love for designing and hand-crafting sterling silver. She draws inspiration from the ebbs and flow of life as well as relationships around her. Her feelings are evident in her pieces through elements of line, organic shape, texture, and of course, how the body wears them. she takes pride in creating something with her own two hands that is a tangible connection between maker and wearer.

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