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Tallman McBride cuts thin pieces of wood and wets them slowly until they become pliable. He then carefully bends them around the trees in front of theur. He secured them there where they cure in the sun over time, drying out and taking on the shape of the tree. Weeks later, when they are ready, he removes them and begins the formation of their faces. Tallman is a collector of odds and ends, and he sources his inspiration and materials from his collections; items like BBs, keyboard keys, puzzle pieces, Legos, springs, old computer parts, retired gold clubs, bottle caps, and wires are given  a second chance at a new life. The completed masks are then painted by his wife, Gwendolyn. 

The masks are a family affair, inspired by the father of Gwendolyn McBride--the mask's painter--and built by her husband, Tallman McBride. 

Tallman McBride Mask Wall Art

$1,800.00 Regular Price
$1,620.00Sale Price
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