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*Note: While these paintings can be kept outside, we recommend keeping them indoors during the winter, as ice can create bubbles in the paint. 

Luke Aubry Kupscznk is a Richmond resident, originally from Orlando, Florida. He teaches high school while finishing his doctoral dissertation in public policy for the University of Massachusetts, in Boston, where he attended graduate school. In addition to teaching and researching, he sells vinyl records, specializing in jass and international music. 

Luke loves to discover antique and vintage goods, especially unknown or undiscovered pieces that can be given new life. His paintints, resembling stained glass, are done on old widows found in antique stores or rescued from the trash. He uses a paint medium taught to him by his fiancee Amanda. 

His style resembles improvisational jazz, a combination of formal structures - straight lines, right angles, bricks, towers, and organic fluidity - twists, turns, plants, liquids. Often he creates shapes by feeling, rather than sight. 


Luke Aubry Painted Glass Abstract Squares

SKU: LK2-1
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