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If you’ve ever been unemployed or are currently unemployed, then you know the magical soul-searching journey that is looking for a job. From sending hundreds of emails into the black void that is the internet job market to contemplating whether you should pick up a life of crime to pay the bills, unemployment brings out the darkest attributes in a person. It starts off as a time for freedom and bucket-list vacations, but it slowly downward spirals into a battle against job market trolls and unemployment dragons―but maybe that’s just a sign that you might need to leave the house, buddy. Presenting the sequel to 99 Signs You Are Not in the 1%, S.m. Torres gives you 99 Signs You Are Unemployed, a book that covers each stage of unemployment, from denial to madness to recovery. It’s a difficult journey to embark upon, but there’s no room for giving up. It may get rough. It may get weird. But in the end, someone’s got to hire you eventually, right?

99 Signs You Are Unemployed Paperback Book

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